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Wooden Frame Window

About JoeCleans Windows

We are a small window cleaning company, bringing high-quality window cleaning services to your door. Professional equipment is a high-level standard. JoeCleans Windows has valid certificates to perform the services for peace of mind.


Based in Reading, delivering window cleaning services to its surroundings. The company is neither a franchise nor a national partnership.

The difference is in attitude, fairness, delivery, communication, various service options and responsiveness.

It is not only about cleanliness, which has to be perfect but also about creating an impression and overall feeling.
We are heading towards prolonged satisfaction and smile, a good feeling, which is not rising only from the image house, but also the deep, conscious confidence about the company visiting your home.


JoeCleans Windows wants to become a part of your endeavour for a better life. A wide range of cleaning services, including gutter cleaning and conservatory cleaning can bring a household to a new level of well-being.

All necessary information should be on this website. It is full of our proudly taken photos.

Make your house a mirror to your mind. Let it be pure like water, without unnecessary deposits.


Based in Reading, providing services within 10 miles radius.


All knowledge is grasped not only from experience.


All tools are professional and checked by PUWER regularly.


All types of payments, individual customer's needs ...

Be part of JoeCleans Windows

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